Optimized Professional offers Online Fitness Training and Optimization for Business Executives and Leaders, tailored for those who must excel in every aspect of the business realm. Recognizing the critical importance of operating at full capacity, we ensure a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition that fuels both body and mind.

Our programs are grounded in evidence and science, delivering bespoke online training, nutrition, and supplementation. Designed for the high-performance executive, our services guarantee you function at your peak, maximizing job and career benefits. With a focus on personalized, efficient, and impactful strategies, we commit to optimizing your health, ensuring you reach your fitness aspirations while maintaining peak professional performance.

Optimized Professional logo: Stylized person in motion with health-inspired gradient, symbolizing online fitness training and optimization for executives.

Your Optimization Team

R. Sullivan

Ryan is the creator of Optimized Professional and will also be your fitness and wellness coach. All of the programs are designed exclusively by him with all your needs and goals taken into consideration.

S. Koehler

Shauna is in charge of the macro counting and accountability consultations. She is an expert in counting macros, flexible dieting and the MyFItnessPal platform which will be utilized by most OP Clients.

Dr. A Jay

Dr. Anthony is the founder of AJ Consulting Company and a DNA expert. He will be working with Optimized Professional clients to better understand their health through a DNA consultation and analysis.

Shauna Koehler and Dr. Anthony are both independent contracts brought on by Optimized Professional. The practices and approaches of Optimized Professional are not linked to these contractors at all. 

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