Welcome to the Benefits page of Optimized Professional, where we spotlight the transformative impact of Business CEO Fitness Training. In today’s high-stakes business environment, the synergy of physical health, mental sharpness, and emotional resilience is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Here, we delve into how our specialized training programs are designed to elevate every aspect of an executive’s performance, ensuring that leaders are not only prepared to meet challenges head-on but are also poised to excel beyond expectations. Discover the comprehensive benefits that await when you integrate Business CEO Fitness Training into your life, paving the way for unmatched success and well-being.


This program is different for many reasons. First is user experience. Majority of the online trainers and online programs are not closely monitored and are “fire and forget” systems. This means that your coach sends you a program for a month or so and that is what you follow. There aren’t many changes made. There isn’t much communication. Check ins and questions are limited to specific days. An Optimized Professional Program is much different. We consider all of our programs living and breathing. What this means is that each program is open to changes if changes need to be made. This will ensure that no time is wasted and you are always working towards your goals.

The blood work that you receive through your general doctor is incomplete. They run the bare minimum of tests and will never check into everything you need because they have to justify it to the insurance companies. To prove this point, gather your last round of blood tests and then compare it to what is offered in our tests . The insurance companies are the main driver in higher prices and lack of testing. The blood work panels that you receive with an Optimized professional program are very detailed and cover all the major health and hormone markers. There are no doctors to convince; there are no insurance company approvals. We get the exact tests that we want, and the results are emailed to us directly.

If something turns up in your blood work that cannot be remedied by an Optimized Professional Program alone, then we look to other options. If it is something related to overall health and well being than you will have the evidence to show your doctor which will then force their hand to act. If something comes up in terms of hormones, we have a few Hormone Specialists that we refer OP clients to. These specialists work outside of insurance but provide top quality care and can prescribe any medications needed to address your issues and help your optimization process.

The check in process and frequency will differ from client to client. However, you can expect multiple weigh ins and check ins scheduled per week. There will also typically be progress photos and body tape measurements scheduled once or twice a month. So the combination of the weigh in/check ins, progress photos, body tape measurements, strength markers, and our communication will help to track your progress throughout the program. Your program also includes a certain number of video assessment calls which further assists the overall check in process.

Worst case scenario is 24 hours. However, most questions will be answered and addressed much quicker. I am in the coaching portal multiple times per day so there may be times that your issues are addressed within minutes. I like to say 24 hours as worst case scenario.

Yes, the DNA analysis shows a lot more than the Optimized Professional blood work. Dr. Anthony Jay will be analyzing how your body performs and reacts and the DNA and cellular level. He can examine and discover traits, issues, deficiencies that can not be seen traditional blood work. This information can help guide some of your supplementation, food choices, and even training practices.

ARIES is different because the software was designed and created by and for Sci-Unison Fitness Inc. ; the parent company of Optimized Professional. What this means is that it is not third party software that is rented or leased. ARIES was designed to work perfectly with the Sci-Unison Fitness, and Optimized Professional business model and coaching style. In addition, owning the software allows us to constantly provide great updates and upgrades to our clients. We will always work hard to add more features and make current features more efficient and faster for the use.


Fully Customized

Our tailored programs offer the ultimate flexibility to suit the unique goals and demanding schedules of business executives and leaders. We factor in your workload, travel, and availability, crafting a dynamic fitness plan that adjusts as your needs change. This living, evolving strategy allows for immediate modifications, ensuring your progress is continuous and aligned with your objectives. No effort is wasted, as we keep you steadily advancing towards your fitness and wellness targets.

Ease of Operation

All of your Optimized Professional Program information is delivered to you and stored on our custom client portal ARIES. All of your training, nutrition, check ins, weigh ins, progress photos, file share, and messages are all in one convenient and organized place. ARIES was designed with the client in mind and makes for a great user experience. It also helps the coach provide the best possible programs in the most efficient manner. 

Structured Plans

Your Optimization Program includes customized workout charts that include workout routines, training styles, cardio vascular exercise, water intake, macro levels, and much more. All of the routines will include target body parts, exercises, rep ranges, rest times, and any special instructions. In addition, all of the exercises listed in your routine will have a demonstration video if you are unsure of how to perform any exercise. All the guess work is removed.

Realistic Goal Setting

The goals we set are achievable as well as realistic. Everything we do is at a sustainable and practical pace. We also balance the importance of your professional life with your commitment to your fitness program. Things will not always work out perfect, but we will always adapt. The the key to a successful program is balance and consistency.  The goals we set will also help to increase accountability and commitment. We will track your goals via weigh ins, progress photos, body tape measurements, and a detailed check in process. 

Fast Reponses

One of the most important aspects of a solid program is fast turn around time for answering questions. When issues and questions are left pending for days the result is wasted time. And wasted time is not optimal. Our Optimized Professional programs are about efficiency as well as effectiveness. You will always have current game plan to follow in your portal. Your issues and questions will be addressed in under 24 hours, and in most cases far quicker than that. If you choose to make your health a priority, then we will always make you a priority.